Who is the Girl with the Fro?

I'm Kashia, otherwise known as the Girl with a Fro and a Fork.  As you can see, I have big hair, a big appetite, and a sinfully skinny frame for the amount of food I eat. I love wine, I'm learning to love beer, and a good dirty martini is the fastest way to win me over. I watch Food Network and dream of becoming their next star and watch the Travel Channel in hopes of one day getting a show. I've eaten food off of the streets of Peru (grilled pork hearts, yum!) and some pretty swank restaurants in the U.S. I have more sweet teeth than a class of kindergartners and thanks to my travels, I'm drawn to Latin and Spanish influenced dishes. Basically, I like all things food.

A Bit More About Me:

I've always loved to eat.  Even as a little girl my parents would say, "wow, this girl can eat." Whereas most kids shirk from things such as octopus, I eagerly ate it and I grew tired of sandwhiches and PB&J quickly, demanding upgrades from my poor mother.

I graduated from undergraduate in 2007 with degrees in Political Science and Latin American Studies, and I recently graduated with my Master of Arts in Latin American Studies.  Despite my passion for Latin American politics and development economics, I have an equal if not greater passion for food.  As I traveled to Peru, Chile, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Puerto Rico for school, work, and play I began to learn to love wine, try a variety of cuts of meats and sweet breads, and drink more coffee and eat more pastries than one can imagine.  All of these experiences have helped me develop my pallet, learn about new and exciting ingredients and preparations, and see how others eat, which to me is the most exciting part of food.

Now, I'm hoping to continue eating, traveling, and cooking but now I want to document this journey through my photos and writing.  I want to make a name for myself in the food world, not because I love to eat, but because of my love of food.

PS: Food Network, Travel Channel...if you're hiring I'd be more than happy to sign on that dotted line.

About Girl with a Fro and a Fork:

Through my blog, I want to share with my readers how excited I am about food.  I enjoy cooking, but I don't have many recipes because cooking is more fun without them and I like to feel the food.  I do however make attempts to estimate amounts or give really good details in the event that you want to make one of my concoctions. When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm eating out at restaurants, drinking at bars, and reviewing them for Girl with a Fro and a Fork, my favorite meal to eat out seems to be brunch.  Nonetheless, I'm always on the hunt for something tasty in my area so if you have a recommendation dish it!  In between ordering or cooking and eating, I'm taking photos of food in an effort to build my skills and food photography portfolio.  Last but definitely not least, I follow food politics (remember, political science degrees) and entertainment so every now and then you may encounter an occasional rant, rave, or song about food.  Don't be alarmed.  Essentially, I'm not trying to be just a recipe blog (because I refuse to measure unless baking), nor just one that reviews food (because eating out adds up, quick).  My goal is to help my readers discover, develop, or enhance their personal passion for all things food.
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