FAQs [under construction]

How do your pictures look professionally styled?

First off, thanks! That means a lot...especially with daily Gawker and Tastespotting rejections, womp womp.  Anyhow, according to Steven I have a good eye.  I have no technical photography training, in fact I'm about as far away from an art kid as you can get:  I'm an analytical, type A, political science and economics person!  Anyhow, Steven does have technical photography knowledge, so he is showing me how to use my rockin' camera which is enabling me to get all sorts of fun shots out of the food.  As far as the staging goes, that's all me, I just try to think about how I would want food presented to me and I style away from there.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D60 around the house or in open spaces, but if I'm eating out I pull out my point and shoot, a Samsung SL620, because its just kind of awkward to have a big dSLR at the table.

Where the heck are you?

I like to consider myself a citizen of the world.  I'm an army brat with wanderers lust that must stay moving! My family lives in South Carolina (I also went to undergraduate--shout out to the College of Charleston!--there) so I consider the Palmetto state home.  My boyfriend lives in Raleigh, North Carolina so I can often be found there, nesting away.  Finally, I went to graduate school at the George Washington University (yay LAHSP!) in DC so I consider that a home too.

Right now, I'm in between the Carolinas since I'm newly graduated.  In August, I start my big kid job which will take me back to DC.  By late fall I will be in a foreign country.  Is that a sufficient answer?

Why do you like food so much?

I don't know, but according to my mother I've always liked food and according to my father I "could eat like a horse."

Who's Steven?

You've probably noticed that I mention Steven a lot.  Steven is my non-foodie, gamer boyfriend who has put up with me and my food antics for the past three years.  We met in the eighth grade, broke up in the ninth grade, lost touch for about 4 years, then reconnected.  Cute, huh?

Um, where's your fro?

Most of the time I contain my fro in a puff or in a few braids, but sometimes I let it go wild.  Trust me, the fro is there.

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