Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hibernation Pot Roast

Its cold.  It's dark at 5 PM.  And did I mention its cold?  As much as I like booze and sweets in December, I yearn for the hearty, comforting food that my mommy (yes, I'm 25 years old and just said mommy...and what.) makes even though I'm hundreds of miles away from her.  So to break in my new cast iron skillet, I decided to make a pot roast and macaroni and cheese for dinner.

I love my mom's roast.  When I was 12 I announced "I am now a vegetarian!" and my mom said "okay" she pulled out a beef roast to thaw. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Southern Candied Pecans

Pecans are quintessentially southern, I may have known how to shell a pecan before I knew how to tie my shoe and if you give a southerner a pecan I promise we'll make you a pie, a cocktail, something breaded, and maybe even a cure for cancer (okay maybe not the last one, but we know and love our pecans!).  I decided to take my knowledge of this buttery nut and give a classic Christmas treat, the candied pecan, a unique twist.  The end result: a super southern candied pecan.

I'm sure you're wondering what makes my pecans super southern, right? Well, I'll tell you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Tradition the Finger: Middle Fingerprint Cookies

Happy December!  With the exception of the cold weather (I think I'm allergic) I love this time of year because to me its all about family and food, and by food I mean booze and sugar as they are the stars of the Christmas season (at least in my circles).  This means that I spend this month spending quality time with family and friends, eating a sinful amount of sweets, and drinking a usually embarrassing quantity of alcohol.

So this month on Fro and a Fork, expect a lot of booze and a lot of desserts, and maybe a few giveaways because I like your face.  For my first sweet of the season, I decided to take on a Christmas classic: the thumbprint cookie.

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