Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh, We've Been Ready for a Throwdown.

So, what do  Bobby Flay, food bloggers, and contemporary coffee tables have in common?  Well I'll tell you...
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Since the food blogosphere is humming with excitement today as we wait to see the Thanksgiving edition of Throwdown with Bobby Flay featuring fellow blogger Ree Drummond* of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I just had to ask Sir Flay how he felt food bloggers were changing the food scene when I had the opportunity to do so at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show.  Here is what he had to say*:

I'm sure you're wondering why I had to draw stick figures in the likeness of Bobby and myself and make a ghetto video (although I must say, the peppers in Bobby's hands are a nice touch).  Well let me explain: I would have loved to get an actual video of this moment, but Bobby told the venue that he did not want people to videotape his cooking demonstration, so I had to do a reenactment on my coffee table using the audio that I was allowed to record.

Nonetheless, that's what Bobby Flay thinks of our beloved Ree and food bloggers in general.  I'm not sure if he really answered the question,  if he thinks food bloggers are a joke, or if he was just ready to get the hell out of Washington but I'm surprised he didn't mention the culinary feats that people without a formal culinary education can perform in their home kitchen thanks to the knowledge passed along by food bloggers.  I mean think about some of the food blogs that you read.  There are people who are baking flawless souffles, experimenting with molecular cooking, making their own yeast, among other gastonomic triumphs and through their blog they make these techniques less scary for the average home cook.

Anyhow, the Thanksgiving Throwdown episode will air tonight on Food Network at 9 PM Eastern time where I know Ree will represent all food bloggers to the best of her abilities.  So the real question is Bobby, are you ready for a thowdown?


*Ree, so sorry for mispronouncing your last nerves inverted the letters in my head!


  1. Haha-- love it! Love Pioneer Woman Cooks too. And great artistic rendering of Bobby and you!!

  2. Love the reenactment video. Too cute. And Bobby actually looks much better as a cardboard cut out.

  3. omg you actually got to talk to him? so jealous. he's one of my faves.


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