Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haute Candy Apples: Less Drama, More Flavor.

As Halloween nears, I'm sure you're all eating tons of treats.  You know the drill: candy corn, chocolate, peanut butter cups, and candy apples--if it can get stuck in your teeth, you should be eating it.  Of all of the cavity causing things I mentioned, I have a particularly strong love-hate relationship with candy apples.  
Why you ask?  Because all of the glorious candy or caramel falls prey to waxy, chewy apple skin that you endure just to enjoy the coating and then you're stuck with a tart, damn near inedible apple. Lame. 

I decided to fix this problem in two ways.  Step One: Loose the unpalatable apple skin, it stands in between me and my sugar.  Step Two: Jazz it up. I mean isn't a Vosges chocolate covered apple bite more exciting than an apple covered in that creepy red stuff that has peanuts sprinkled on top?  Or how about a Caramel Appletini Pop, that's soaked apples, covered in caramel, with a generous graham cracker dusting, instead of a giant tart apple with not enough caramel?  Hopefully, I've got you thinking a little more about Halloween and tasty treats, all of these years we've been doing it wrong.  Jump on the wagon with me: more apple, even more topping, and maybe even a little booze.

Before I tell you how to make my haute candy apples, you've got prep work to do--did you think this was all play? Take five apples and cut them in half, then use a melon baller to scoop out perfect little apple domes, set them aside.

When you're done prepping the apples, cut your skewers in half  (or keep them long, its up to you) so that they'll be ready to'll need them to make the Caramel Appletini Pops.  Also, take this time to line two cookie sheets with either parchment paper or a silpat if you have it and clear out space for them in the fridge so that your goodies can chill and set.  Okay, now you can have instructions:

Carmel Appletini Pops

The Goods:
  • 4 ounces of vodka
  • 2 ounces of apple schnapps
  • caramel sauce (make your own or cheat.  I cheated and melted a box of caramels [24 pieces, I ate one...] from Whole Foods plus 3 tablespoons of heavy cream over low heat, stirring here and there until melted)
  • Graham Cracker dust (pulverize some graham crackers in your mini prep or food processor)
The Deed:
  •  Combine vodka and schnapps in a large bowl and add some apple domes, I used about 3/4 of the ones I prepped and cover with saran wrap
  • Allow apples to become intoxicated in the fridge for at least an hour
  • After an hour, remove apples from the vodka + schnapps bowl, make yourself a drink with the remnants, and lightly pat the apples dry (not to rough, we worked hard to get the booze in there)
  • Place 4 drunken apple domes onto each skewer
  • Spoon caramel over the apple domes, then sprinkle generously with graham cracker dust
  • Place completed apples on a splatmat and place in the fridge to allow caramel to reset
  • Eat and enjoy the same day! Otherwise the graham crackers will get soggy...not sexy.

Vosges Chocolate Apple Bites

 The Goods:
  • One bar of Vosgues Chocolate of your choice.  I used a Mo's Bacon Bar and an Almafi Bar which covered about 5 apple domes each for a total of 10.
The Deed:
  • Melt the chocolate 
  • Roll apple domes around in chocolate until covered
  • Move chocolate covered apples to a parchment paper lined pan
  • Let chocolate harden in fridge

So go ahead, make these adult treats for your upcoming Halloween celebration!  I've proven that you can make a candied apple more sophisticated and in that process make it more appealing for adults jaded by candy stuck in the teeth and unripe fruit.  I personally know that I'll be enjoying my Caramel Appletini Pops while watching Rocky Horror Picture Show this Halloween...I mean c'mon they're awesome...its a drink and a drink rolled into one!


  1. I am so curious about this bacon chocolate bar that you used. I haven't decided if I would love it or hate it...guess I'll have to try it and see! I love the appletini pops, I could definitely eat a whole batch of them.

  2. I had this and it is DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Your caramel appletini pops look amazing!!! I'd sure love to try one...or two...or three. :)


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