Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Screw a Recipe, I Know Math!

Most of you know I have a fear of baking.  Why you ask? Because, baking is precise--you actually have to follow directions (not my strong suit), you can't taste it half way through and make adjustments, and it can easily fall flat--figuratively and literally.  But, I have a wicked sweet tooth and an inexplicable lust for baked goods, so I am slowly but surely trying to get my baking skills up to snuff.

So imagine my joy to stumble upon the book Ratio by Michael RuhlmanRatio is awesome, in fact I think everyone should own it because it liberates you from recipe dependency because as the title insinuates, Ruhlman places emphasis on learning ratios, not recipes. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Know How To Say Delicious in Swahili!

I really hope that you guys enjoyed my entry for Challenge #2 of Project Food Blog!  Cooking outside your culture can be scary, but I've found that it usually rewards you with a lot of good food and bold new flavors!  Also, I know how to say "delicious" in Swahili...

Once again (I really can't say it enough!) thank you so much for helping me advance to Round Two of  Project Food Blog, I wouldn't be here (or have a lot of yummy leftovers) without you!  So if you think I have what it takes to be the Next Food Blog Star, be sure to vote for Fro and a Fork this week! Voting closes Thursday, September 30th at 9 PM (Eastern), 6 PM (Pacific).


PS:  If you want to know what the rest of the challenges are in the contest, you can check them out here.  I'm sooo excited and I want to show you guys what I got!

PPS:  A reader who speaks better Swahili than myself has informed me that Tamu is the right word, but its pronounced TAH-moo, so don't go around pronouncing it the way I did in the post :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So...How Do You Say Delicious in Swahili?

When I found out I would be advancing to Round Two of Project Food Blog, I had the following thought process:  Holy crap, I made it to round two!  Me and my little blog!? AWESOME!  This was shortly followed by: Oh crap! The second challenge is due SUNDAY! Shenanigans! I have to make something outside of my culture that I'm unfamiliar two days?!  Isn't it funny how joy can turn to panic?

If you can't tell by my blog, I'm a lover of Latin and Asian influenced cuisine, so I knew I wouldn't be able to cook any of that (see, look at that, integrity in the battle for $10,000!).  I was practically chain cooking eating (much safer than chain smoking) due to my nerves, when I was suddenly inspired by the last person I spoke with-- a friend in Swahili language training to prepare for his departure to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Hmm, Tanzania...I don't know what their flag looks like, let alone what their food tastes I guess that fulfills the challenge.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eat With Your Eyes! Part 1: Picking A Base

The author of Cooking Mama recently asked to see more about food photography and staging on Fro and a Fork.  Obviously I think that's a great idea since the presentation of food and great photos are components of a good food blog.  So...I've decided to write a series, Eat With Your Eyes! that will cover a different aspect of food photography and staging each week, cool huh?

Before I start, I provide you with a disclaimer. I'm not a professional photographer or stager, I'm a social scientist and econ nerd and this blog is for me to have a little fun, eat a lot of food,  and share that with my readers.  With that said, I'm going to tell you things that work for me and  Fro and a Fork.

For my first entry in this series I'm going to talk about the base of any great photos, literally.  I'm talking plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.  Think about it, does a piece of chocolate cake look more appetizing on Styrofoam or on a crisp, square, white, porcelain plate?  Basically, the same thought put into cooking a dish should go into plating a dish.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

Congratulations to Biz of My Bizzy Kitchen! You are the winner of the $20 gift card from CSN stores!  Please email me ( so that I can get you your prize!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, but more importantly thanks for supporting me despite my hiatus, it really means a lot!

 Also, I thought you guys might want to know that I advanced to the next round of Project Food Blog! Many thanks to everyone who voted for me and spread the word, and be on the lookout for the entry for Challenge #2.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have you voted?

Hey loves, not to beat a dead horse, but please vote for Fro and a Fork to advance to the next round of Project Food Blog!  To do so, just click the contestant widget to the right after you read my first Project Food Blog entry.  Voting closes this THURSDAY at 6 PM (Pacific), 9 PM (East Coast), so the clock is ticking!  While you're at it, show other featured publishers a little love and vote for other talented bloggers to advance to the next round.

After all, how can you deny this face?

Thank you again for all the support and keep reading :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feast on DC...for $20?!

As you know, I recently joined the Foreign Service.  This means that I work with an awesome bunch of people that are foodies, something to be expected from individuals who plan to make a career out of gallivanting around the world.  This means that after work and on weekends, you can find us eating our way through the District looking for the next best thing.

This past weekend a group of us headed to the Maine Avenue Fish Market to celebrate September birthdays.  Vi (one of the birthday people) recommended this and sure enough, it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Maine Avenue Fish Market is often referred to as "The Wharf" and sells some of the freshest seafood that the DMV (that's DC, Maryland, and Virgina for those who don't know) has to offer. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Voting is Open! Make ME the Next Food Blog Star!

Hey guys!  Hopefully you read my first project food blog entry.  If not, check it out and let me know what you think!  Be sure to show a little love in the comment field or on twitter, it makes me feel like people actually read what I write and that it doesn't just disappear on the internet.  And duh...please vote for me (Just click the widget) so that Fro and a Fork has the opportunity to advance to the next round of Project Food Blog Challenges!  Voting closes this Thursday, so vote vote vote :)

Also! If you haven't done it already, enter to win a $20 gift card from CSN stores! I will announce the winner this Friday by 5 PM.  Good luck and thanks for all of the support!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Will I Be the Next Food Blog Star?

So I'm not sure if you guys know, but I'm trying my hand at Project Food Blog, a competition where over 1,000 Foodbuzz Featured Publishers are competing in a series of culinary blogging challenges for the chance  at the ultimate prize: $10,000 and title of Food Blog Star. 

The first challenge entry (and first elimination round...eep!) asks contestants to explain what defines them as a blogger, what makes their blog unique, and why they think that they have what it takes to be the next food blog star.  Loaded question, much?

Given the importance of this blog entry, I sat down and actually started brainstorming.  I mean really, there are a gazillion food blogs out there that give tips, tricks, recipes, and reviews, but I started Fro and a Fork because I believe that I have a unique perspective to offer, given my relationship with food. 

Instead of answering the question of why my food blog is makes me worthy of being the Next Food Blog Star, I decided to uncover why food is so important to me because I think that will better explain what makes me worthy of the honor.  Makes sense right? If I didn't have a passion for food why would I even have this blog?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

So, I still feel guilty for not blogging for so long.  I've been eating all of these yummy things and writing about them in my food journal which has come to rest on my coffee table and not by my computer, which is a bad sign.  This means I've been eating and writing, and regrettably holding out.    

Luckily, thats all changing and I'm super excited to be writing again!  However, I feel like I owe you know like that kid that makes their mom breakfast in bed after they broke something.  So I want to give away a $20 CSN stores gift card to one of you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I know, its been a while

I'm ashamed. Absolutely ashamed.

I know, I haven't blogged. I haven't blogged in ages. I feel guilty. I feel like I did when my mom caught me feeding the dog pot roast. Just like I owed her an explanation, I owe you one. Here we go.

I just started a new job, and not just any job. I am now a member of the U.S. Foreign Service, basically in Layman's terms: I'm a diplomat.  As a result of this new career, I moved to DC and was in diplo-boot camp for 5 weeks. These 5 weeks exhausted me. I was reduced to eating sandwiches and making salads after work and going to sleep. Thus, Fro and a Fork suffered. No time means no cooking means no blogging. Its sad, I know.

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