Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

So Steven and I don't have a date for the wedding and reception yet, but we have been enjoying the perks of being engaged!  One of these perks is tasting wedding cake!  On Sunday, we headed to Sugarland Bakery for their scheduled wedding cake tasting.  I guess they do one every month or so, and it provides couples with a great opportunity to eat lots of fancy cake for free!...er, I mean try various cakes for their guests to enjoy at the wedding reception.

Before continuing, let me say this: I've had some really bad, epic fails called wedding cake.  They are usually dry like cardboard with sugary sweet icing to give you diabetic shock so that you can't recall how bad the actual cake was.

Moving forward, six flavors of cake were featured for the tasting.  Being in the south, of course the classic red velvet with cream cheese icing was on the chopping block.  Tuxedo was a simple and safe marble cake.  I thought the pumpkin was an odd placement since its summertime, but it also had a spot on the tasting menu.  Creme brulee seemed to be the most innovative, raspberry chocolate mousse screamed "standard, traditional, wedding" to me, and key lime likely appeals to those with an infinity for Florida.

Of the flavors presented the joint favorite was tuxedo.  My personal favorite was the creme brulee.  As a southern girl, I was extremely let down by the red velvet cake: the cake itself was a tad bit dry, and the icing needed to be more cream cheesy.  I will give them a pass on the the dryness of the red velvet because the other cakes were moist, so maybe we got a corner piece or something.  The icing however is inexcusable: more cream cheese please! After tasting a bunch of cake, we decided to order a small 8 inch round from them for our upcoming engagement party. We picked the tuxedo cake with vanilla buttercream and a cream cheese filling.  I know I just hated on the cream cheese icing, but Steven hates cream cheese and likes this frosting, so I figured it was a way to jazz up this marble cake and get my fix.

I was a huge fan of the buttercream icing at Sugarland, it was light and fluffy and sweet without being too sweet.  Nick, one of the owners, explained that they actually use butter and not shortening (like most places) to make their icing.  First off, I was disturbed that people and bakeries find it okay to substitute Crisco for butter in buttercream icing.  Secondly, I was relieved (only slightly) to know that I was eating butter (place fat in arteries) and not Crisco (place fat in arteries and on butt).

While we were there, we also thought it would be a good idea to try the fondant because we both know we want a pretty and bright wedding cake, which will without a doubt require a fondant covering.

For those who have not actually tried fondant, its sweet like frosting with an awkward gummy texture like an Airhead.  It wasn't bad, but I don't want to eat it with cake. The catering manager at Sugarland assured us that most people know to peel the fondant away.  While he explained the workings of fondant, Steven and I played with it like 8 year olds.  See our work above.

Anyhow, my first cake tasting was a blast and I look forward to eating more cake.  As I see these giant and pretty wedding cakes at bakeries, I'm starting to be swayed by the Wedding Industrial Complex to ditch my dream of cupcakes and a smaller cake for photo purposes. In fact a number of planners and bakers have said that I'd regret not having a "real cake" at my wedding.  But no matter how delicious or pretty a cake is, I just prefer a cupcake.  There, I said it.


  1. Uhhhh....you're supposed to peel the fondant away? Guess I'm not "most people" lol. By the way, hi Kashia :) Congratulations, since I haven't had a chance to tell you yet (about the engagement and the job!). I'm loving your blog! Not gonna lie, I'm not shocked that the plainest sounding flavor is Steven's favorite lol

  2. Hi Erin, first many thanks for the congrats and such and the blog love. I fell of the wagon but am getting back on! :) Thanks for reading darlin! And second...yes you are 'supposed' to peel the fondant off.


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