Friday, June 4, 2010

Rubbed the Wrong Way

A few weeks ago I strolled into Williams Sonoma and they were demo-ing a Chili-Lime rub.  In the store, the rub was placed on a chicken breast, cooked in a grill pan, and served on a panini.  It tasted fresh, herb-y, zesty, and had a touch of heat and I had a vision of using this on shrimp or salmon, because I love seafood.  I grabbed a can of the mixture and put it away, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it this summer.

Last night I finally broke out my can o' spice and decided to use it on shrimp kabobs.  I skewered shrimp, tomatoes, cucumbers, and purple onions onto my wooden sticks and rubbed the spice mixture on the kabob. I then brushed the kabobs with melted butter for additional flavor and to prevent sticking. Just as in the store, I broke out the grill pan for cooking.

I started growing concerned because the rub was burning despite medium heat, butter on the shrimp, and a PAM sprayed pan.  I turned the heat down a bit and brushed more butter on the shrimp; this helped but did not eliminate the problem.  It also smelled spicy, I was officially panicked about dinner.

I served the kabobs with asparagus and corn on the cob which made for a pretty plate.  I was happy with my veggies, I mean you can't really mess those up, but upon tasting the kabobs, the rub as way spicier than I remember it tasting in the store!  Adding insult to injury, there was little evidence of other spices...only to salt and chili pepper.  All was not lost, to my credit, the overspiced shrimp were at least cooked perfectly...

I just don't think this rub is meant for seafood despite its label recommending such, it overpowered the shrimp.  I think I will try it again, but stick to steak, pork, or chicken.  Also, I might use less next time and try to tone it down with other spices from my arsenal.

Final Verdict: Buy it if you like spicy or if you plan to use it on thicker cuts of meat.  Skip it if you hate spicy or plan to use it on seafood.


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