Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eating the Island, Part 8: Cremaldi Ice Cream Shop

This is the final entry of the Eating the Island series.  I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico with my boyfriend and his family, plus I got to hit the beach and eat a lot of delicious food that the island has to offer.

On the same day that I hit the pork trail, I also attempted to grab ice cream at the famous heladaria (ice cream shop) in Lares.  Unfortunately due to traffic, by the time we got their the shop was closed for the day.  The trip from Lares to San Juan was long (over an hour) and I couldn't help but feel defeated that I missed out on this ice cream mecca.  For the rest of the trip, I had this ice cream lust and started searching for any ice cream shop that was not a U.S.-based chain for a cool, sweet treat because despite being lactose intolerant, I love ice cream.

Fast forward to my final night in Puerto Rico.  After heading out to Fajardo to say good bye to my boyfriend's family, his aunt informed us that their town was also home to some pretty famous and popular ice cream.  My eyes lit up like a 5 year olds, my boyfriend grabbed the car keys, and we followed his aunt to Cremaldi Ice Cream Shop.

 The ice cream shop itself is cute and small.  I loved the hanging swinging chairs from the ceiling so that you can swing and eat.  Its like eating ice cream on a warm summer day minus the bugs and with air conditioning.  The owner was acutally there when we went at 9ish at night, which I thought was pretty impressive.

Now for the ice cream!  Cremaldi has a plethora of other flavors, most of which were standard (cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, and other boring compatriots), but they did have a lot of them...roughly 30 or so.  One unique flavor was the taimarindo flavored ice cream, which is a sweet and sour tasting ice cream made with tamarind. With these flavors, you can get a cup, cone, sundae, or milkshake.  Despite a well stocked case and scratch made waffle cones,  Cremaldi's claim to fame is its fried ice cream.  Yes, fried ice cream.  Since this is what its known for I decided to order it, despite the fact that fried ice cream is only available in vanilla.

I wanted the keeper of ice cream grab a generous scoop,  bread it in corn flakes, and put it in a small fryer on the counter.  He then topped the freezing, fried ball with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry.

I was so excited to break into my dirty little treat!  I scrapped all the topping to the side to get to the core: the fried ice cream.  With a full spoon, the dessert entered my mouth and I was immediately disheartened.  My cornflakes were stale, so the crust was chewy, gooey, and mucky instead of crispy and light.  I tried another bite, hoping I'd just hit a bum spot...no. It was just bad.  Plus, when I started to break the shell, vegetable oil (the yellow blobs in the photo below) started gushing out. Gross, and I quit. 

My boyfriend enjoyed his simple sundae of cookies and cream, chocolate sauce, and M&Ms, so perhaps Cremaldi is just a place you go for a quick fix because the ice cream was good, their fried ice cream...not so much.

Cremaldi Ice Cream Shop

62 Union Street
Fajardo, Puerto Rico


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