Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast in a Cup

No, I'm not talking about a smoothie.  I'm sure you've all seen these adorable little bacon and egg cups around on food blogs.  The concept is simple: take a slice of bacon, line the sides of a muffin tin with it, fill with an egg, bake, and ta-da! breakfast!  It's what I like to call a real muffin, and the minute I saw them I thought: I have to try these! Although easy and cute, I wasn't satisfied with the recipe and had to up the antty during my trial.  I made two brunch cups, one more aligned with the original concept and one made up by me.

With respect to the original, I decided to make a base composed of honey wheat toast.  To do this, I grabbed a slice of bread and cut two rounds from it using a cookie cutter.  I stacked the rounds on top of one another and placed them in the pan.  I then took the bacon and lined the tin with it and delicately placed one egg in the middle.

 For my second breakfast cup, I decided to make my own creation which I call the Farmer's Breakfast.  I used shredded hashbrowns for the base (you can find these in the refrigerated section near the butter or make your own by shredding a fresh potato), placed a bit of shredded sharp white cheddar cheese on top of that, lined the tin with bacon, and topped the whole thing with a beaten egg.

Now that you know what I put in them, let me tell you how to prep and bake them.  First cook the bacon of your choice (I use Wrights Applewood Smoked) until its about half done.  Then, take a muffin tin and brush the insides with butter or a bit of the bacon drippings.  Now, take your bacon and line the ring with it, don't worry if its not a perfect circle because your base and the egg will help things along.  Next, place your base (be it hashbrowns, bread, or something else) in the center of the tin and use a toothpick to "seal" the bacon and make it a bit more round.  Finally, place your egg on top. Warning: If using a beaten egg, pour slowly to give it time to fill the cracks between the food in the tin.  I learned this the hard way, note the bits of spillage...

Pop your cups in the oven at 400 for about 20 minutes, or until eggs and bacon are done to your desired doneness.  Oh, don't forget to remove those toothpicks!  Here was my end product, the Farmer's Breakfast is the one up front.

As far as taste was concerned, I enjoyed mine much more than the original because:
  1. I do not like sunny side up or runny eggs, in fact I only eat the yolk if its scrambled
  2. The sharp cheddar cheese added a nice bite and complemented the hashbrowns
  3. The hasbrown base was yummy and crunchy and was a nice contrast to the soft scrambled eggs mixed throughout
  4. The scrambled eggs made it look more like a muffin, so visually, I found it more appealing
Basically, the Farmer's Breakfast is like a full breakfast, in a cup!  This is not to say that the original version tastes bad, I just preferred  my creation for the above reasons. So from now on when making this, I will be making the Farmer's Breakfast.

All in all, the whole egg in a cup thing was a success! I recommend making these for brunch, breakfasts in bed, or potlucks because they're pretty quick and easy to put together, plus you most likely have the ingredients on hand. Furthermore, there is plenty of room to be creative by adding in veggies, cheese, bread, or swapping bacon for something like ham.  So regardless of whether you make mine, the original, or your own special remix I think that everyone needs to have their breakfast in cup at least once!


  1. Your version sounds better to me--Like you said, it's got all the breakfast necessities right there! I think my 2-year-old would get a kick out of eating one of these.

  2. Hey Rachel thanks :) Let me know how it turns out if your decide to make it! Just a note, I had to use a knife and fork to actually eat it, so you might have to pre-cut it for your child...or just let him/her eat with their hands! Cheers!

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