Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spaghetti, Meatballs, and Dessert Empanadillas?

Yesterday I tweeted that I would be making both savory and sweet emapandas with my best friend.  Due to her forgetting to take out the Goya empanada discs, our dinner direction changed since we were starving and not willing to wait!

We'd planned to make ground turkey empanadas seasoned with sofrito, recaito, sazon, and adobo. Instead, I ended up making turkey meatballs, red sauce, and pasta.  Yes, we went from Latin to Italian, and thats okay.

As I've said in past posts, I'm not a measuring chef...I cook and add what I feel.  So for the turkey meatballs, we used:
  • Roughly one pound of ground turkey
  • Two slices of wheat toast
  • One egg
  • Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, italian seasoning
  • Chopped bell pepper, onion, and fresh garlic
I made them into generous sized meatballs (see below) and popped them in the 350 degree oven (covered with foil, pan sprayed with Pam) for 45 minutes; I uncovered them and let them brown for an additional 15 minutes, making total cook time one hour. Two things surprised me, as I'd never made meatballs from ground turkey.  One: These things shrink like crazy! and  Two: they give off a lot of water, but were surprisingly not dry.

As for the sauce, I will admit I cheated a bit since I dressed up store bought sauce by sauteing fresh bell peppers, onions, garlic, and mushrooms before adding the sauce and adding additional sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and Italian seasoning.  And the pasta was store bought, so nothing too exciting there.

To compliment, I made a simple salad (spring greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, pecans) and homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, chopped garlic [to your taste the more garlic...the spicier!], and sea salt) in this snappy little device.

Now, for those empanadas! By the time we finished cooking our dinner, the empanada shells were thawed! So, we opened a can of peach pie filling and jazzed it up with granulated sugar and cinnamon.  We also made a homemade filling composed of fresh strawberries, lemon juice, and brown sugar.  We stuffed the shells with peach, strawberry, or both, pinched them closed with a fork, and fried them to beautiful brown delicious perfection.  To indulge our inner-fatty, we served a la mode with vanilla ice cream, my only regret is not sprinkling some powdered or granulated sugar on them because although delcious, a little more sweetness and a nice sugar crust would have made them amazing.

Also, my apologies for the lack of photos, my camera died!


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