Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gulf Shrimp, No Shrimp?

I believe that it is important to support local industry and I'm always impressed when restaurants tout local and sustainable options. Plus, ever since I took that Globalization and Politics class as an undergrad, I can't bring myself to support Asian shrimp fisheries.  

Now when this whole oil gush began, I of course worried about the environment as a whole, but as a lover of seafood I began to wonder if these tastey critters would be contaminated or in such limited, non-oiled, supply that they would be out of my price range.

Well, so far Gulf shrimp is safe to be buttered, grilled, stir-fried, and cocktailed! So please, help the Gulf economy and the part of the environment not destroyed by BP and continue to buy these delicious sustainably fished shrimp.  I know it won't be $11.99, but its better for you, the fishers, and even the shrimp.


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