Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brunch Hard at the Liberty Tavern

This is a long overdue post.  First, Brunch is my favorite meal and I have a sinful attraction to breakfast food.  I mean I brunch hard, so hard that I listen to this song before embarking on my brunch journeys

One place that I particularly enjoy brunching hard at is the Liberty Tavern in Arlington.
I first went here in April to celebrate my friend's recent job offer and we both fell in love with the spot.  We were sucked in by their $18 brunch buffet that had a little bit of everything on it from steamed mussels to waffles and roasted leg of lamb to frittatas.  Thus Liberty Tavern is not your average family style, screaming child, grody buffet, instead it boasts a higher end spread with fresh food, hand carved meats, and scaled up breakfast offerings. 

Any good brunch starts with good coffee and booze, and the Tavern met my expectations.  The French press coffee was delicious, bold, and flavorful and I also found this unique since they bring the press to your table, something I have not experienced in DC.  Another plus was a great mimosa, since most places water the champagne down with OJ, but at LT the ratio was just right. Despite my small frame, I often suffer from eyes bigger than mouth syndrome, and had to try everything (or at least as much of everything); see plate below.

Standouts include the smokey, yet sweet North Carolina pork sausage, the crusty but gooey French toast and tangy sweet strawberry compote, and the creamy scrambled eggs.  The hashbrowned potatoes were okay, they claim to be seasoned with sage but I tasted salt and granulated garlic more than anything.  Also, the carved meats, despite their sexy appearance, were pretty tasteless but they did have a nice crust on them, which I like. One thing that I think is cute about LT is the candy table that houses some nostalgia candy as well as other sweets which is a nice end to a hearty meal.

My second experience was this past Sunday, following my commencement.  I wanted to leave Washington with a great memory, which to me meant a great brunch (remember, I brunch hard).  Since I've already raved about the food, I'm going to talk about the service.  One of LT's hosts, Michael, is always super nice whenever I go in, even accommodating my large graduation party of 11 people at the midnight hour (I called at 12:46 for a 1:30 reservation and he gleefully said "no problem")    Although our actual waitress was quite slow, the rest of the staff picked up her slack by running drinks and clearing plates.  This solidified Liberty Tavern as a top brunch spot in my neighborhood.

So check them out! They're right off the orange line at 3195 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Virginia so you don't even need to hunt for parking.  I would recommend calling ahead or arriving early though, because wait times can exceed 40 minutes for a party of two at peak brunch hours.


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